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January 22, 2007



Eloquent. Pure poetry. :)

I love it when you rant in your blogs. You crack me up woman.

But on this topic, I could not agree with you more. I would NEVER want the option to be taken away from me. I want the freedom and the basic right to choose and I want to make sure that the empowerment that comes with choosing when to pro-create will continue to be in the hands of the females this issue impacts.

Another issue that is just ridiculous is the government-grant requirement for abstinence education. Sex-ed is not the same as "let's show the kids how to fuck" eduction--there are video games, movies and music videos that do plenty of that already. Why are there so many idiots that seem to think that a responsible course on responsible sexuality is going to make teens hornier. I mean, is it such a bad thing that our kids may learn to have responsible sex? To get information that is "real" that could combat the onslaught of media-hyped sex that makes careless sex cool?


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