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Straight outta LoCash. Okay- Silicon Valley, really

Where now:
The Perfect Northwest

Retired corporate Mommy now at home with (GREAT) kiddies

Northwest and California. We are all obnoxious, high strung liberals Except for Gramps. He's the General. Literally; Brigadier General. How cool is that?!? My family is loving, talented, generous, and spoiled.

NO- The family at home:
OH! Great, great, but sometimes, moody husband. He's so wonderful I even wrote to Oprah about it. Two wonderful boys - both very, uh, CHARISMATIC - complete my family at home. I AM LUCKY AS HELL.

Big Deal:
I was big and beautiful until losing 150 pounds 3 years ago. Now I just FEEL big and starting to realize I'm not THAT beautiful!

Small Deal:
I went from a size 24 to a size 4 in one year due to gastric bypass surgery. Yeah- it's wierd. No - I can't wear anything I want.

Because everyone is doing it? Because everyone should lose 150 pounds...ummm...NOT. Everyone should have GB surgery, lose 150 pounds, then get pregnant? YES!

Major Epiphany of my life:
Losing weight only solves health issues...psycho issues are there for life. Cynicism is overrated; karma is not